Woman Getting Facial TreatmentYour skin serves four (4) principal functions, as follows:

      1.  Protection from external elements.
      2.  A sort of sensor with nerve endings that cause you to react appropriately to pain, heat, cold, touch, pressure, vibration and tissue injury.
      3.  A heat regulator that accordingly pumps blood to your skin’s surface or reduces blood flow.
                 4. Your largest waste eliminator (surface wise) through sweating or perspiring.

Additionally, as you age, your skin naturally becomes drier, less elastic and produces more wrinkles. However, you can significantly slow down this aging of your skin and help your skin in its elimination process by keeping your skin continuously moist and hydrated through the following simple skin care routine.

Skin Care Routine:
Drink plenty of water; 8 glasses each day. Eat lots of yellow and orange fruits which provide Vitamin A. Take a good Vitamin E supplement. Eat cucumbers, which supply sulphur – a trace element that is necessary for healthy skin!!

Also use water-based moisturizing creams or olive oil on the skin, immediately after bathing to keep moisture locked into your skin.