Cancer is currently one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2008, it accounted for “…7.6 million deaths or around 13% of all deaths worldwide (World Health Organization (WHO)”). Cancer is so common, in fact, that in the Unites States alone, “It is estimated that 1,638,910 men and women (848,170 men and 790,740 women) will be diagnosed with and 577,190 men and women will die of cancer… in 2012.”  And the prognosis for the future is even more grim because according to WHO, “Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue rising, with an estimated 13.1 million deaths in 2030.”  That’s almost double the current annual amount of cancer deaths. Frightening isn’t it?

You, however, have the power to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting cancer. The solution is simple – eat 5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables each day!

Trying to eat the recommended 5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables each day [1 serving is equal to ½ cup] can seem a burdensome task but using these quick meal tips can ensure that you get it all in:

a. Incorporate a fruit, fruits or some vegetables into breakfast.
b. Snack on a fruit for your 10 o’clock or mid-morning break.
c. Make the salad your main dish during lunch.
d. Instead of ice-cream,cheesecake or pastry for dessert have a serving of fresh fruits or a fruit salad.
e. For your afternoon snack have a fruit or a fruit salad.
f. Try a different colour fruit or vegetable each day (red, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc.) </ol>

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