CATHOLIC Article Contributions are Welcome!

I'm an official Squidoo contributor

I am the ‘Catholic’ Contributor for one of the leading writing platforms on the internet – SQUIDOO.  What that means is that I am the ‘head of household’ in that niche and I will be sharing quality articles with you my readers on various topics, products, services, updates as relates to Catholicism, Christianity and being a Catholic/Christian.

It’s not a ‘straight jacket’ job though, as you can see by some of the articles I have already written, such as, How to Create Your Own Psalm like King David  and How to Make Spiritual Thank You Gift Tags.



Enough about me though! Let’s get to what I need you to do and what’s in it for you!  I can’t possibly write all the quality articles (what we call lenses on Squidoo) for this ‘Catholic’ niche, so I am enlisting your help to Review These Timeless and Uplifting Christian Music Classics   OR   Review 21 Catholic Novena & Devotion Favourites

Squidoo pays a small lifetime royalty for quality articles and you earn a commission from Amazon for all sales that are generated by products that you recommend on your lens (article) .  Added to that, I always reward quality! So if you write me a super great lens (article), I’ll have no choice but to showcase your article and give it a ranking boost.

Just so that I know that you contributed a fabulous article to the ‘Catholic’ niche, remember to go back to the Review article on Squidoo and post the URL to the lens (article) that you created, so that I can have a look and give it my blessing.



We have lots of other topics that will interest you:


I look forward to reading your articles and seeing you on Squidoo! Come check out whatever interests YOU!

For interesting gift ideas, delicious recipes, book reviews, product reviews & Catholic & Christian lenses (articles) visit Freshstart7 at Squidoo and the ‘Catholic’ Contributor on Squidoo.


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