Cancer is currently one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2008, it accounted for “…7.6 million deaths or around 13% of all deaths worldwide (World Health Organization (WHO)”). Cancer is so common, in fact, that in the Unites States alone, “It is estimated that 1,638,910 men and women (848,170 men and 790,740 women) will be diagnosed with and 577,190 men and women will die of cancer… in 2012.”  And the prognosis for the future is even more grim because according to WHO, “Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue rising, with an estimated 13.1 million deaths in 2030.”  That’s almost double the current annual amount of cancer deaths. Frightening isn’t it?

You, however, have the power to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting cancer. The solution is simple – eat 5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables each day!

Trying to eat the recommended 5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables each day [1 serving is equal to ½ cup] can seem a burdensome task but using these quick meal tips can ensure that you get it all in:

a. Incorporate a fruit, fruits or some vegetables into breakfast.
b. Snack on a fruit for your 10 o’clock or mid-morning break.
c. Make the salad your main dish during lunch.
d. Instead of ice-cream,cheesecake or pastry for dessert have a serving of fresh fruits or a fruit salad.
e. For your afternoon snack have a fruit or a fruit salad.
f. Try a different colour fruit or vegetable each day (red, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc.) </ol>

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Mental and Emotional Tip – T.H.I.N.K

Alan Redpath, a renowned British evangelist, pastor and author who was born on January 9, 1907 and died on March 16, 1989, has a famous T.H.I.N.K quote which will form the basis of this week’s blog post and it goes as follows:

TIs it true?
HIs it helpful?
Is it inspiring?
N – Is it necessary?
KIs it kind?
If what I am about to say does not pass those tests, I will keep my mouth shut!

Too often we have seen people’s characters, reputations, careers, relationships and families destroyed because of gossip and rumours spread by unthinking individuals. Many times the individuals gossiping or spreading the rumors are not mean persons but are just so caught up in hearing and spreading “juicy” news about other people’s business that they fail to realize that what they say has the potential to travel for thousands of miles and destroy people’s personal, social and work life.  Spend your time learning something new or volunteering instead of gossiping or spreading rumors.

There are times when all evidence points to someone being guilty of doing or saying something which in fact they did not do or say. So if many of us were to place our heads on a block as a sign of certainty that someone did or said something, we would certainly get our heads chopped off, because circumstances are not always what they seem.

It is also important to note that Alan Redpath urges us to speak only after satisfying ALL of the five (5) criteria.  In other words, even if something is TRUE that does not mean that one should gossip and spread it .  Dig deeper and ask yourself whether what you are about to say will help someone, whether it is in any way uplifting, whether it is absolutely necessary to say what you are about to say and whether what you are about to say is kind.  A simple test which I use,  and which I advocate that everyone uses, is to ask myself, “Would I like someone to say about me what I am about to say about this person?”

Unfortunately, many people are unable to fathom the damage they cause and emotional pain they inflict on others by gossiping or spreading rumours until they themselves have been the victim of such a travesty. So the onus and responsibility is on each and every one of us to ensure that we T.H.I.N.K before we speak about others.  Employ charity when you speak about others or don’t speak at all.

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Human eye 1We all know the old adage, “Prevention is better than cure.”  That’s definitely true when it comes to taking care of your eyes and your body in general.  Today I will share with you some foods you can eat to improve and maintain the health of your eyes.  After all, no one wants to be blind.  And if, like me, you wear corrective lenses or currently suffer with some eye disease, then you certainly know the importance of and value quite a lot your eye sight.

If you work in air conditioning, as is the case in many countries, or live in a temperate country you will experience dry eyes due to the dry air. So use of these simple eye care tips can prevent damage to your eyes:

1. Remember to blink every few minutes – this lubricates your eye.  We naturally do not blink when watching TV or in front of a computer screen.

2. Use a few drops of eye lubricant at least twice a week before going to bed to help relax and restore moisturize to your eye.

3. Avoid smoke-filled areas.

4. Practice moving your eyes right to left (x7), up and down (x7), clockwise and anti-clockwise (x3), as exercise for the muscles in your eyes each day.

Foods for the EYES:
Carrots, Squash, Apricots, Orange, Spinach.

In general, orange and yellow foods are good for the eyes since they contain Vitamins A and C.  Carrots provide the richest source of beta-carotene, which the body transforms into Vitamin A. Squash contains beta-carotene and potassium which help to prevent the formation of cataracts.  Spinach, although not a yellow or orange food, contains two (2) carotenoids – lutein and zeaxanthin – which are very effective in preventing loss of vision.  Added to this you can purchase a supplement with Vitamins A, C and E.

EYE diseases you can PREVENT:
1. Cataracts
2. Glaucoma
3. Conjunctivitis
4. Night blindness
5. Macular degeneration of your retina

For additional quick tips, information and resources for your total health and well-being visit, MPSE Health or check out the blog posts for previous weeks.